Warzone Devs Plan To Add Portable Buy Stations After Season 2 Reloaded Update


Warzone Pacific’s Season 2 update brings some much-anticipated map changes to Caldera, with Rebirth Island receiving “substantial changes” via the Reloaded update. Here’s every map change coming to Warzone Pacific Season 2.

Warzone’s Caldera map arrived to mixed reviews, with some preferring the bright and scenic landscape, and others unimpressed with the distribution of points of interest. Raven Software continues to evolve the map though, turning a location into a new POI and adding underground bunkers in the Season 2 update.

Here’s every map change coming to Warzone Pacifc’s Caldera, as well as a look at the Reinforced Rebirth Island revamp.

Warzone Caldera Map Changes

Chemical plant point of interest

Warzone players noticed that the refinery between Mines and Docks looked different on the minimap, and the developers teased that the location would be overhauled in Season 2. Now we know exactly what that change is, the refinery now becoming Chemical factory.

The developers explained that it will have a similar layout to the previous slot, but with “several notable differences”. There will be enemy soldiers protecting the facility, as well as a “trap that can be set in the central building”.

Chemical plant on the Warzone Caldera map

The developers have stated that players who loot Chemical Factory will “walk away with more valuable loot on average”, so expect more legendary chests and cash here.

We’ve marked Chemical Factory on the Caldera map so you know exactly where the new POI will be.

Chemical Weapons Research Laboratories

Chemical Weapons Research Labs in Warzone Season 2

There will also be new dungeons Chemical Weapons Research Laboratories spawning in Caldera, with seven to discover around the island.

The developers said some players may have already found the lab locations, but they will be marked on the map with a yellow circle. Inside, you can find “phenomenal loadout items, which can include gas masks and Nebula V ammo.”

These appear to be high risk, with the developers confirming that there is only one way out. Be sure to get out before the gas closes and watch out for players camping out the exits.

Warzone Rebirth Island Map Changes

Rebirth Island has seen few changes since arriving in December 2020, but Warzone developers have brought a major overhaul to the fan-favorite prison island with the Warzone Season 2 Reloaded update.


Stronghold POI Island of Rebirth

The Rebirth Island security POI will become the Stronghold POI. As the name suggests, the location is designed as a sort of fortress with very few paths to enter the deepest point.

The developers wanted to improve one of the less popular areas of Rebirth Island, “This POI was one of the least popular on the old Rebirth Island, so we wanted to breathe fresh new air into this area to bring players into a more engaging destination with more areas to fight for around the map.”

Stronghold will feature an “extended checkpoint gate, new radar building, and redeployment balloon” which is sure to make a popular landing spot after the update.


Renaissance Island POI Docks

Players will now be able to visit two boats on either side of Rebirth Island which the developers added for concept purposes, “We had this island without a boat!” One of these boats will be located at a brand new point of interest called Dock. This new area was once known as the Shore, but has now undergone a major overhaul.

Of course, both boats will be full of choice loot, so they’re sure to be hotly contested areas. This will put a new emphasis on the shoreline of Rebirth Island, as teams can consider boats as an ideal starting point.

Other Rebirth Island Changes

Prison Yard Rebirth Island

Along with these two new POIs, the prison courtyard has also had a makeover. In an attempt to make the area less of an instant death trap, the developers decided to add cover by way of a fortified walkway.

You will notice less open space in this area, which will increase survivability. Along the catwalk, players will also benefit from a few green tents positioned between the catwalk and the Prison.

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