Visual Systems designs a massive system for The Londoner


“The Londoner”, a boutique hotel built in the heart of Leicester Square, is a truly impressive property comprised of 16 meticulously curated floors. Representing an investment of approximately £500 million, the property showcases the contemporary design of American designer Yabu Pushelberg. It is a truly unique hotel, with the deepest commercial basement in the world. It is also built around works of art which are not only displayed inside the hotel but also on the building.

The hotel has also invested heavily in technology, including the audiovisual side that covers all 16 floors. The AV network at this new hotel includes over 40,000 meters of AV/IP cabling, over 300 professional Bose speakers and a state-of-the-art ballroom installed with all possible AV requirements and hardware to handle all events. These include in-house virtual and hybrid events, nine scalable meeting rooms with VC, and a building-wide music system for BGM, live music, and DJ sets.

Additionally, the hotel has very green environmental credentials. In fact, it surpassed the UK’s BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification and received a BREEAM “Excellent” rating. It uses 30% less carbon than regulatory requirements, as well as energy-saving lighting. The Nordaq water system again reduces carbon for deliveries and is a sustainable solution for premium water.

Choose visual systems

UK based Visual systemswhich is part of Myriad Audio Visual Group, says it received the project because it took into account The Londoner’s environmental concerns.

According to the integration company, it has been the group’s approved supplier for several years. However, he still had to go through the bidding process for this project as the client hired an external team to manage and execute the project. As a result, the team was one of five integrators bidding on this project.

The Londoner’s team went through a thorough vetting process and ultimately awarded the contract to Visual Systems. Nick Kalsi, Edwardian Technology Consultant, remarks: “I worked closely with Visual Systems on this project and I am so pleased with the design and installation that was completed, Visual Systems did a great job providing us with systems not only user friendly but easy to maintain and future proof, it has been a very difficult and time consuming project for all due to COVID-19 but we have come out of it stronger with a product we can be proud of, the ballroom is unique in that we have every item you could possibly need for an upscale event, including a spectacular Martin lighting system that takes this area to another level.”

The scope of the project

The scale of the hotel includes 350 rooms, restaurants and lounges, a rooftop bar, an underground spa and pool, two screening rooms as well as the venue’s star attraction: a 680-seat ballroom with an AV system including lighting and projection for any size event or awards dinner. The hotel wanted a state-of-the-art facility, with a discreet and harmonious audiovisual system.

So Visual Systems designed and installed a background music system that feeds all areas of the hotel from a central point to distribute music to all public areas, elevator lobbies, etc. The speakers are also color matched so they don’t stand out and blend in seamlessly with the surroundings of the hotel.

For event lighting, the team used Martin and Avolite controls. The entire system has over 40,000 meters of AV cables distributed throughout the building. The AV system also uses the hotel’s data infrastructure with a number of VLANs to route video and audio via Dante (audio over IP) and video over IP throughout the building.

The integrators chose AMX to control all hotel-wide system functions and IP video routing via AMX SVSI N2400 AV over IP units. VLANs have been configured to separate or incorporate different zones through the AMX control system software.

Visual Systems also supplied and installed Bose speakers and equipment for The Londoner. Thus, the system consists of more than 300 professional Bose loudspeakers and loudspeakers distributed throughout the room, whose color matches the ceilings and the surroundings of the hotel to guarantee a discreet appearance. The team also installed outdoor broadcast patch panels in the cargo bay for outside TV crews to connect to the hotel AV system and network.


Speaking of installation challenges, the pandemic was arguably the biggest factor. Despite this, the project did not stop. The team says they had supply chain issues with the equipment, which was a major element that delayed the project.

The other major issue was that it only had a performance spec. So the team designed not only the AV side, but also the cable containment, data, power requirements, and required infrastructure. This came across as a key part of the project so that everything else could flow afterwards. The project was originally a 12-month installation period, but this has stretched to just over two years.

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The team also had to work closely with the client’s project team and various on-site contractors when designing the containment, data and power requirements in addition to the AV side. This required extensive interaction with the various teams on site to ensure the requirements were supplied and installed correctly during the construction period.


So far, the feedback has been amazed not only by the installed technology, but also by the interior design. The hotel also notes that the AV design complements the interior design. Visual Systems adds that it deployed Bose EdgeMax speakers to reduce the number of speaker units needed to cover an area.

Plus, EdgeMax speaker technology allows speakers to be mounted on the edge of the ceiling, leaving the center unobstructed. The hotel reveals that it has hosted a number of high-profile events in London such as Bafta, Vogue, fashion shows and more. Guests also appreciate the meeting rooms and ballroom, as the systems offer high-quality equipment with minimal intervention from hotel staff.

KindAbraham, Business Development Manager Edwardian Hotels, said: “This project for the group was a huge investment and one of the biggest developments in the region. As a group, we have in-house design teams to ensure we are at the forefront of hospitality as such. also invest in the latest technologies that cover all areas such as AVL, security, access systems, etc.… We evaluated various vendors and selected Visual Systems to be our partners in this journey, they understood our requirements and our goals for this hotel to be the first and best in its class. I believe we have met and exceeded our initial specifications, the systems installed are fantastic with a world class ballroom for any type of event or live performance.”

Equipment list

  • Bose speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers
  • Samsung MagicInfo signaling system
  • Sennheiser assisted listening systems
  • Yamaha mixing consoles
  • Christie laser projector
  • Panasonic cameras
  • Barco Click Sharing

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