Valve is already planning next-gen Steam Decks


The Steam Deck has been a huge success for Valve so far, and the company recently revealed plans for future generations of the handheld. Now, one of Valve’s designers has revealed a bit more about what the future of the Steam Deck looks like.

The Steam Deck recently became available for pre-order in Asia, and as a result, Valve was interviewed by news outlets including Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu (via VGC). In the interview, Valve designer Greg Coomer confirmed that “there will be a next generation of Steam Deck products in the future.”

However, the “theme, size and shape” will change. In fact, Valve may even be considering a streaming-focused Deck in the future, which would give gamers access to cloud streaming services like GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Stadia, Luna, and others.

Valve also stresses that it will continue to look for ways to improve the Steam Deck in its current form. Since its launch earlier this year, Valve has already released a number of software updates, which have improved things like battery life and power management, offline mode and more. other features.

KitGuru says: Companies like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia are always working on new mobile chips, so there will always be a hardware upgrade path for Valve to upgrade the Steam Deck for future generations of the system.

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