Test software characterizes USB4 V2.0 designs


Keysight’s test and measurement products aim to accelerate the development, implementation, and deployment of USB4 V2.0-compliant devices. The recently released USB4 V2.0 specification enables data transfers of up to 80 Gbps over a USB Type-C cable and connector.

Specific to USB4 V2.0, Keysight introduces the D9050USBC Transmitter test application, which automates the measurements tests required for transmitter compliance and return loss testing for 80 Gbps USB. Additionally, the N5991U42A receiver test application automates complex calibration and receiver testing of 80 Gbps USB products. Keysight’s 7019A The USB Type-C active link device provides access to all USB Type-C signals in an 80 Gbps USB live link.

Other products in Keysight’s portfolio include the D9010USBP USB protocol decode/trigger software, which includes a suite of configurable protocol-level lookups and triggers to debug and decode 80 Gbps USB sideband and traffic. broadband. To enable early design phase simulations, as well as in-depth system-level analysis after layout, the PathWave Advanced Design System offers a USB4 V2.0 IBIS-AMI modeler that facilitates the development of such models for 80 Gbps USB devices. High-speed instruments for use with the software include Infinium UXR-series oscilloscopes, vector network analyzers, and bit error rate testers.


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