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Valente Iberica was created in 2022 as a commercial and productive reference point for the Iberian market of Valente Srl, a company established in Italy in 1963 and a world leader in the design and manufacture of technical solutions for orchards.

The production ranges from cement poles, which represented the beginning of the journey, to covers for all kinds of environmental threats (rain, hail, sun, insects) as well as all the tools necessary to set up a complete system. The company aims to guarantee the support and protection of different crops: apples, pears, peaches, cherries, kiwis, grapes, hops, pomegranates, bananas and citrus fruits.

It can design and implement various systems that adapt to the cultivation model chosen by customers, guaranteeing high quality and production standards.

To improve yields and protect crops from atmospheric and environmental threats, all orchards can be equipped with a combination of various covers called ValenteProtect©.

Different types exist, all multifunctional. Each type of cover then has its particularity which makes it particularly efficient and suitable for certain uses.

ValenteProtect Hail

It is a structure made up of pre-compressed concrete posts for anti-hail nets connected by steel wires and ropes stretched using specific anchors. The net completely covers the rows to protect them in the event of hail.

ValenteProtect Rain

Compared to a hail protection system, rain protection systems have closer intermediate posts anchored to the ground. The cover has a galvanized strip to secure it to the posts.

The rain net has a three-layer structure (warp, weft and plastic) which, in addition to being waterproof, creates a diffused light that facilitates the gradual maturation of the crops, thus prolonging the harvest.

ValenteProtect Insects

Insect tarps protect orchards from major insects such as Drosophila Suzukii, the “cherry vinegar fly”, codling moths, which mainly attack apples, and marmorated stink bug, the terrible insect that comes from Asia.

Insect netting should be fitted to structures and secured to ensure orchards are completely closed off so that insects cannot enter.

ValenteProtect Sun

The system is suitable for protecting V-shaped, vase-shaped or large-tree orchards. The permeability of shade nets varies between 30 and 90% and the choice must be made according to the final objective to be achieved.

All the structures are made with the best materials to guarantee resistance and durability over time.

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