Taras Kravtchouk designs the “motorcycle of the future” – with the retro styling of yesterday, but now fully electric, durable and built with plant-based materials


Brooklyn, New York, USA

“The idea was to create the motorcycle of tomorrow,” says Taras Kravtchouk, chief designer and CEO of Tarform LLC.

“If you were to build a bike with sustainability in mind,” he says, “what would the principles be? Electric, but also least harmful to our environment.

Brooklyn-based Swedish designer Taras Kravtchouk aims to set a new standard with his retro-futuristic new Tarform Luna two-wheel racer that brings zero-emissions transportation into the mainstream.

The designer aims for zero waste by building electric motorcycles that are recyclable and made from natural materials that are also biodegradable.

Since Tarform’s inception, Kravtchouk has been on a mission to redefine the way we get around by delivering beautiful, durable and technologically advanced vehicles that make mobility both exhilarating and soulful.

The Tarform Luna is the first expression of a new breed of electric motorcycles built with Industry 4.0 manufacturing, sensor technology and sustainable design.

The body of the Luna motorcycle is a plant-based composite material made of flax fibers, bio-resin and seaweed pigments.

Its aluminum frame is, in line with the rest of the sustainable design, recyclable.

Manufacturing a new breed of vehicle required not only reinventing the design, but also the manufacturing processes used by traditional automakers.

Natural, biodegradable and recyclable materials are used to eliminate toxicity and move towards a zero-waste method of building vehicles.

Instead of using polyvinyl chloride, Kravtchouk makes the vegan leather seats from pineapple, mango, corn or other naturally occurring fibers.

Linseed replaces the plastic on its side panels, and the body-coloring pigment comes from natural algae rather than toxic paints.

A proprietary Tarform operating system has been developed to improve the user experience.

Live updates, machine learning and sensor technology are used for predictive maintenance, battery status and driving statistics.

Kravchuk’s Taform motorcycle has a modular architecture to allow the battery to be upgraded as technology evolves.

The body can be changed for a new style and the software can be updated for smarter driving over time.

All of these measures extend the life of the motorcycle, reduce waste and honor the traditions of craftsmanship that create machines that are built to last.

Harnessing the intelligence of the natural world, techniques developed by generations of craftsmen and the energy of emerging technologies, the Tarform Luna motorcycle is leading the future of sustainable mobility.

Project: Motorcycle Tarform Luna
Designers: Tarform LLC.
Main designer: Taras Kravchuk
Manufacturer: Tarform LLC.


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