Saankhya Labs’ SDR Chipset Powers ADTH’s Innovative Next-Gen ATSC Designs


SL3000 Powered Gateways, Set-Top Boxes, HDMI Devices and USB Dongles

BANGALORE, India, October 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Saankhya Laboratoriesa subsidiary of Tejas Networks (BSE: 540595) (NSE: TEJASNET), today announced that ADTH, a leading provider of office communications solutions in Atlanta, Shanghai, Seouland taipei, launched a series of NEXTGEN ATSC designs, powered by SL3000 – Saankhya’s SDR (Software Defined Radio) based ATSC 3.0/1.0 demodulator chipset. These ready-to-manufacture designs will enable OEMs/ODMs to offer upgrade solutions, for millions of consumers worldwide. North America and South Korea to experience next-gen ATSC 3.0 broadcasts, on their existing HDTVs and smart displays.

NEXTGEN TV is the most significant broadcast technology upgrade ever, promising a more immersive experience, with stunning video and enhanced sound. NEXTGEN TV offers more choices to make the most of live sports, news, events and more. From June 2022, ATSC 3.0 is live in 68 markets, covering approximately 51% of all US homes. In South KoreaATSC 3.0 continues to gain momentum from the 4K-UHD broadcasts of the 2018 Winter Olympics, reaching over 70% of the population. India also evaluates ATSC 3.0 for Direct-to-Mobile and video offload services.

ADTH’s multi-faceted solutions are for fixed and mobile platforms.

  • ADTH’s Dual Tuner Home Gateway design is a Wi-Fi DTV broadcast box that can be placed anywhere in the home for whole-home reception of ATSC 3.0/1.0 broadcasts on mobile devices with an associated TV app made by Two different UHD channels can be tuned and watched simultaneously, on different devices in the home.
  • ADTH’s HDMI dongle/STB designs enable ATSC 3.0 reception on millions of legacy HDMI TVs and monitors. The dongle/STB is powered by Saankhya’s SL3000 demodulator chipset and interfaced with software running Media Decoder SoC manufactured by’s application software tunes over-the-air ATSC 3.0 signals, then demodulates and decodes UHD video and AC-4 audio, before sending the stream over HDMI for viewing on connected TVs or monitors by HDMI.
  • ADTH’s USB dongle design enables secure reception of ATSC 3.0/1.0 broadcasts on media boxes, tablets or phones using the TV application provided by ADTH and Saankhya Labs engineers worked closely to tune the product for best-in-class signal reception, small form factor design, low power consumption, fast scanning of channels and a quick channel change.

Vivek Kimbahune, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Saankhya Labs, said, “ADTH’s off-the-shelf solutions are well positioned to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities presented by ATSC 3.0. SL3000 was a collaborative development effort between One Media (a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group) and Saankhya Labs. The performance, programmability and power efficiency of the SL3000 make it an ideal choice for integration into DTV receivers and we are pleased that ADTH has chosen to partner with us for their NextGen products. This is a milestone for Saankhya Labs will deliver the most advanced multi-standard demodulator chipset to one of the Taiwan great design houses for building world-class products. »

Saankhya’s 3rd generation SDR baseband demodulator chipset supports ATSC 3.0/1.0 and Clear QAM, providing a unified interface for the broadcast TV market. The SL3000 is a complete baseband demodulator integrating ADC, FEC decoder, deinterleaver, memory and ADC in a single 68 pin 8x8mm QFN package, Pb/ROHS free. The chipset supports ALP or demodulator transport stream packets with field-upgradeable firmware.

“Saankhya Labs’ SDR technology was the logical foundation for our ATSC 3.0 receiver development program, allowing us to deliver the full enjoyment of UHD HDR TV broadcasts through compact, user-friendly devices, while maintaining ATSC program compatibility. 1.0 HD and SD,” said Alex’s day, Vice President, “We were impressed with the excellent documentation from Saankhya Labs and the high level of support offered by their engineering team, whenever called upon during the development process.”

Saankhya Labs also offers another variant of the chip – the SL4000, designed specifically for mobile devices. SL4000 integrates a tuner and demodulator in a single package and is optimized for integration into mobile platforms such as smartphones, tablets and PCs enabling data streaming and DTV Direct-to-Mobile services over mobile platforms.

At the recent India Mobile Congress, Saankhya Labs demonstrated a first-of-its-kind 4G/LTE Android smartphone with built-in ATSC 3.0 DTV reception capability. The smartphone, powered by Saankhya’s SL4000 chipset, allows consumers to watch DTV shows in Full HD quality, without any subscription to data plans, Wi-Fi/internet connection.

In the USA, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica, efforts are underway to adopt ATSC 3.0 for a variety of applications ranging from advanced emergency messaging to data broadcasting (remote learning, IoT, vehicle, etc.). To meet some of these emerging market requirements, Saankhya Labs is committed to bringing more innovative solutions to market in partnership with its customers.

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