Robert Allan Ltd. designs an ATB convoy for Aliança Navegação e Logística


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The Maritime Executive

Robert Allan Ltd. obtained a contract from the Rio Maguari shipyard (Estaleiro Rio Magari – ERM), located in Belém, Brazil, to develop the design package for an innovative Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB) for shipping containers along the Brazilian coast. These two ATB convoys will be owned and operated by Aliança Navegação e Logística (ANL), a major logistics service provider in Latin America, which is part of the Maersk Group.

The Robert Allan Ltd. engineering team, led by Senior Projects Manager, Mr. James McCarthy, was tasked with developing an ATB suitable for operations along the entire coast of Brazil, including the south where the worst environmental conditions along the Brazilian coast.

Design work began with the engagement of in-house experts with experience in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and motion analysis to predict the ship’s responses to expected conditions, which served as the baseline and guidance. for our design processes. The same team carried out extensive hull optimization studies with the aim of significantly reducing fuel consumption while providing excellent directional stability for ATB convoys. Analysis was also performed using our Proteus DS dynamic analysis package to check the pin loads at the ATB tug barge connection pins and ensure they were within allowable limits in extreme sea conditions.

The TRANSFER 3800 The tug will be 37.5m by 13.0m, by 6.2m deep, have a marine diesel fuel storage capacity of 360m³ and a fresh water capacity of 45m³.

Propulsion machinery will include two Wärtsilä 6L32 main engines, each delivering 3,200 kW at 750 rpm, and powering Schottel SRP630FP Z-drives with 3.4m propellers.

The ATB connection pins are Intercon model 34C, designed to allow the tug to remain in the berth during all loading/unloading operations by allowing relative vertical movement of the tug and barge while remaining connected. The fully air-conditioned and MLC-compliant accommodations are designed to a very high standard for a crew of up to 14, with a spacious and bright mess/salon, large cabins and a fitness room.

The tug is designed to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) class requirements and to comply with Brazilian Flag Rules (NORMAM-01/DPC) with the following notation:

ABS? A1 ATB Tug, ? + AMS, ABCU, BP, UWILD, PMP-CBM (Coastal Service)

Each barge will measure 130.0m by 28.0m, by 8.0m deep, and will be able to carry approximately 700 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent), including dangerous goods and reefer containers, distributed above and below. below the bridge. The barges will be equipped with a 500 kW Schottel SST2 bow thruster and generators capable of powering the anti-listing system, the bow thruster and the refrigerated containers.

The barge is designed to American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) class requirements and to comply with Brazilian Flag Rules (NORMAM-01/DPC) with the following notation:

ABS? A1? Barge (Container Barge), ATB, UWILD, CSC, CLP-V, Brazil Domestic Service

These two new ATB convoys will significantly improve the coastal transport market in terms of energy efficiency, operational safety, innovation and crew comfort.

After the construction of these vessels, ERM will have completed a total of 100 vessels designed by Robert Allan Ltd. – an impressive achievement!

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