R/GA London Concepts and Designs Next Generation Technology Brand “Pio”


R/GA London is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Norwegian warehouse automation robotics company, AutoStore, for the launch of its innovative new technology brand ‘Pio’. Pio, whose entire brand ecosystem was designed and engineered by R/GA, was developed by AutoStore to disrupt the automated warehouse distribution industry with a dynamic robotic solution that provides small and medium-sized business (SME) technology to deliver a best-in-class runtime experience with ease, efficiency and autonomy.

Faced with Amazon’s domination of logistics and the growth opportunity for new SMEs to offer a more personalized and human-centered service to support them, Autostore chose to partner with R/GA London to define a brand strategy, an identity and a visual language. to launch Pio on the market. The challenge was to create a brand that could stand out in the logistics space as warmer, more emotional and more human by truly understanding the future of retail as it is shaped by the growing number of independent brands.

The brand concept developed by R/GA London was called ‘space reinvented’ – which underpins Pio’s purpose in designing the brand around the idea of ​​using space more efficiently and effectively by based on the behaviors and benefits of the Pio product. Influenced by a sense of constant flow, the visual language reconfigures the notion of volume and perspective – with imagination expressed through abstract shapes and playful movement. For example, Pio blocks are used to visualize the behavior of robots through different configurations in visual space. The logo also incorporates movement to represent the proposition of the brand name – goods in, goods out – and the color palette incorporates warm and pungent colors to differentiate from the cold, mechanical associations with warehouse technology.

The result is an adaptive, modular brand that gives ambitious businesses the freedom to thrive and shows a new way to reinvent space.

Along with the brand ecosystem, R/GA has also designed a new website and app with tools that humanize the logistics process. This includes a “Design your Pio” configurator that allows users to design warehouse grid structures and the number of robots needed in the warehouse, as well as a savings calculator that provides potential savings and pricing. The Pio software itself has also been designed to create a simple user interface that controls the warehouse technology to allow customers to easily connect it to the existing system.

Magne Hattleand, Vice President and Director of Pio, said, “We chose to partner with an innovation-driven company like R/GA rather than a traditional brand agency because we saw such similarities in our company values. We, too, believe in a more human-centric future, humanizing technology that can make our lives easier, simpler and more efficient. Pio not only addresses the major challenges of the industry, but it provides a solution that is intuitive, efficient and able to scale with the business.”

Robert Northam, Executive Creative Director at R/GA, said: “Our job was to create a brand that provided a warm, emotional and people-focused experience in a typically sterile industry. Robots are, by nature, inhuman, but Pio is a brand that really helps business owners run more efficiently and effectively – and puts the person behind the business and their needs first. Pio is a brand designed to adapt to a future-oriented world, and the concept we designed and created enables this movement and evolution.


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