Online consolidated loan


Fast, convenient and easily accessible? Yes, this is an on-line consolidated loan. However, before submitting an application for it, it is worth remembering about a few key issues characterizing such offers.

Online consolidated loans are currently available in two variants – as payday consolidated loans that we enter per month, as well as installment consolidated loans, which we can pay off for a longer period, for example 2 years in monthly installments. The amount of consolidated loans of this type is usually from 100 zlotys to even over 10,000 zlotys.

Is online credit always available only on-line?

Today, we can get an on-line consolidated loan from both the bank and a non-bank consolidated loan company.

Bank consolidated loans are targeted at regular customers and new ones. It is worth noting that it will be easier for a regular customer to make money, because in the case of new clients, it is sometimes necessary to visit a branch. Therefore, the person requesting money must go to the bank anyway in person.

In the case of non-bank consolidated loans, everything depends on which company we use the offer. We will usually receive the moment-holders completely on-line. In the case of installment consolidated loans, it may be necessary to sign the documents yourself before transferring the consolidated loan.

This does not mean, however, that we must then go to the consolidated loan company branch. Many companies arrange formalities by courier companies – the courier delivers documents, the client signs them on the spot, and then they are given to the lender. After checking them, the money is transferred to the indicated account.

Another method used for on-line consolidated loans is the bank check. In this case, a special check is applied to be implemented at bank outlets. Then the customer receives money at the post office and at the same time undergoes identity verification.

On-line credit without complicated formalities, but not for everyone

The great advantage of on-line consolidated loans is their easy availability. They are advertised as money for everyone, but it is worth remembering that banks and consolidated loan companies carefully check their clients before lending them money.

To obtain an on-line consolidated loan, we will need Polish citizenship, a current ID card, a permanent address of residence in Poland, as well as adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness. Although we do not usually have to provide any documentary proof of work, we fill out a statement in which we enter our income and expenses and source of income.

When a bank or a consolidated loan company will not trust us completely, they can contact our employer. They can also ask for a certificate. In addition, online credit may be granted, but in a lower amount than the one we requested.

It is also worth pointing out that people who already have unpaid debts can not count on money online. Companies and banks obtain information on this subject from BIK – Credit Information Bureau and BIG databases, for example from the KRD – the National Debt Register. In the event of a negative credit history, we will not receive any money.