Nike Hires Graduates for Senior Information Security Consultant


Nike Hires Graduates for Senior Information Security Consultant


Nike is hiring a SENIOR INFORMATION SECURITY CONSULTANT – CIS experienced at its Bangalore site. They are looking for a Senior Information Security Consultant. This role will serve as a trusted security advisor to Nike’s technology teams and business partners. Provide critical information and guidance to key partners to ensure Nike’s applications, solutions and business processes are aligned with Nike’s information security program. The focus areas for this role are risk reduction and information security by design. The scope of work may involve application security, cloud security, consumer and enterprise security.

Full details of this work are the following:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate must be able to:

Assessing solutions and identifying risks within Nike ecosystems

Evaluate controls for highly sensitive Nike data with various stakeholders

Provide critical insights and advice that aligns with Nike’s information security standards when reviewing key priorities, threat landscape and Nike, Inc.’s risk appetite.

Work closely with Nike business and technical teams to produce secure solutions at the speed of business

Help technology and business teams understand and prioritize security-related work

Reports on progress against threats, risks or any challenges for Nike Leadership


Licence in Computer Science or Business Information Management or equivalent work experience

5+ years of experience in information security, training or information technology disciplines

Technical knowledge and demonstrated ability to communicate with highly technical audiences and non-highly technical audiences

Ability to adjust communication style and approach, from strategic leadership to highly technical audiences

Ability to bring together a diverse group of people with different goals and organize productive discussions leading to results

Analytical and problem-solving skills; solution identification file for complex problems

Ability to build cross-functional personal networks within Nike

Ability to explain various information security standards, regulations and protocols

Demonstrated experience with cloud security.

Security certifications are preferred, but equivalent knowledge will be considered.

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