NAPA Voyage Optimization software integrated with Furuno Planning Station to improve expedition efficiency and sustainability


Maritime electronics equipment provider FURUNO will integrate NAPA Voyage Optimization, a solution developed by NAPA, the leading provider of maritime software, services and data analytics, into its new PS-100 Planning Station, a planning system, monitoring and travel briefing currently under development. development.

The PS-100 planning station will be the first FURUNO product to integrate NAPA Voyage Optimization software. The PS-100 planning station, which is being developed as part of Furuno’s maritime digitization efforts, aims to improve the efficiency and safety of ship operations and crew member productivity by performing multiple tasks such as voyage planning, monitoring and briefing, which were previously performed using paper charts, on electronic charts displayed on a touch interface.

The introduction of NAPA Voyage Optimization into this system will enable optimal route selection and speed allocation when creating and modifying voyage plans, helping to reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions and enabling safe and efficient navigation. NAPA Voyage Optimization uses NAPA’s proprietary performance models to optimize trip planning (route and speed distribution) to improve operational safety and reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

Pekka Pakkanen, Executive Vice President of NAPA Shipping Solutions, said, “This is a fantastic example of how better connectivity, powerful 3D modeling capabilities and innovative hardware can combine to drive travel optimization. to a new level. By combining Furuno’s navigation equipment and services with NAPA’s operational performance optimization solutions, we will help shipping companies, ship management and ship owners improve the efficiency of their operations, reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions, improve crew productivity and optimize vessel management from shore.”

Equipment of the PS-100 planning station

Kazuma Waimatsu, Senior Manager at FURUNO, commented, “This development is the latest step in a long-term collaboration agreement between FURUNO and NAPA, signed in September 2016, to support the digitalization of vessel operations. By combining NAPA Group’s domain expertise with FURUNO’s demonstrated leadership in the maritime industry, we intend to generate new benefits and significant benefits for customers through innovative technologies.

The PS-100 planning station can aggregate and display information needed for voyage planning, monitoring and management, including vessel navigation data, radar echoes, TT target information, on AIS targets, weather information, routes and user maps. In addition, in the future, FURUNO plans to develop a function to acquire, monitor and display information about ships managed from land via the Internet, thus contributing to the optimization of ship management operations from land.

NAPA Voyage Optimization will be an optional feature that requires a separate contract between FURUNO and the customer.

This development is the latest step in a long-term collaboration agreement between FURUNO and NAPA, signed in September 2016, to support the digitization of vessel operations.
Source: NAPA


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