Lambeth Council launches public beta of new planning software


After a successful private beta phase, Lambeth is launching a public beta for the Legal Development Certificate Request Service and Back Office Scheduling System (BOPS). These two new services will help residents submit their applications online and improve decision-making efficiency.

Accessible from the Lambeth website, these new user-centric tools will allow residents to check whether they need planning permission and apply for Legal Development Certificates (LDCs).

Research shows that on average around 50% of all Head of Household type applications in England are invalid at the time of submission. The back and forth required to validate the application costs applicants and councils time and money, with significant delays causing frustration.

Under the banner of the Reducing Invalid Planning Applications project, initiated by Lambeth in 2019, the council has been at the forefront of developing an innovative digital system to address this issue. The new services announced today are exciting results of this pioneering work.

The Request a Legal Development Certificate (Request a LDC) allows residents and businesses to make these requests online, guiding them through the process with helpful on-screen prompts and asking only questions relevant to their project.

The Back office planning system (BOPS) The software is a modern case management system, which was developed with council planning officers to streamline the decision-making process. This will allow planners to process requests from LDCs more quickly. Direct and faster contact between planning officers and local residents or businesses will help them solve problems and comply with national planning rules.

The ambition of this innovative and exciting digital project is to eventually develop intuitive digital services capable of handling other types of planning applications, including all household applications.

Deputy Chief Cllr Danny Adilypour, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Growth and New Homes, said: ‘I am pleased Lambeth Council is helping to launch this new software which has the potential to streamline the planning process, making it more easier and cheaper for owners as well as taxpayers. Invalid scheduling requests are costly and time-consuming for everyone involved. They often have to be resubmitted, which can lead to even more expense and further delay the process. »

For more information, visit or Request a Legal Development Certificate | Lambeth Council


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