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SANTA ROSA, California March 30, 2022

What: High-speed digital standards are rapidly evolving to keep pace with emerging technologies, and each generational change introduces new testing challenges. Customers need to test high-speed digital designs at all stages of product development, from design and simulation to analysis, debugging and conformance testing.

Keysight is a Gold Exhibitor at DesignCon 2022 and is committed to working with customers to anticipate testing challenges, optimize performance, and accelerate time to market for high-speed computing interfaces, data center connections, and technology. consumer electronics.

When: April 5-7, 2022

Or: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California

Further information: Keysight at DesignCon 2022 or if you can’t attend in person, register and Keysight will be live from DesignCon April 6and at 1:00 p.m. PT to see each demo station in just 30 minutes.

Media activities: Contact Geri LaCombe to schedule media briefings and solution demos.

On the Keysight stand #1039 will be exhibited:

PathWave design software

  • Memory designer: PathWave ADS Memory Designer enables two new innovations to accelerate development cycles in next-generation memory designs: support for NAND Flash to find all key next-generation memory technologies on a single platform and CA (Command /Address) Data Bus Pre-Layout Builder to easily explore different signal bus design choices in an intuitive tool for generating parameterized pre-layout representations of complex memory systems.

High-speed computing interface

  • PCI Express® (PCIe) 6.0/5.0 Tx testing: A new PCIe transmitter test solution designed to help increase digital transmission speed and throughput, which presents significant challenges with signal integrity, connector crosstalk, receiver jitter sensitivity, and global insertion loss of the channel.
  • PCIe 6.0/5.0 reception test: Designed to validate a rugged receiver to tolerate significantly attenuated signals up to 64 GT/s with PCIe 6.0. Aggressive equalization techniques help the receiver restore the quality of the transmitted signal, allowing the recovery of digital information from the PCIe signal.

Data center connectivity

  • 224G reception test: 1.6T receiver test solution characterizing 224 Gbps interfaces providing customers with high bandwidth and signal integrity.
  • 224G Tx testing: Automated test system for 224G physical layer (PHY) validation, signal-to-noise ratio and distortion (SNDR) demonstration, and jitter measurements.
  • 112G forward error correction (FEC) and deprecation: Conformance testing solution designed to incorporate FEC constraints into physical design validation of 800GBASE devices and components.

Consumer electronics

  • USB4 and DisplayPort 2.0: Using USB4 and DisplayPort (DP) expertise, demonstrating solutions for USB4 and DP2.0 over a low cost lossy passive cable.

Signal integrity

  • Signal integrity analysis: Demonstrate an overview of the transmission of digital data from the transmitter, via channel interconnections, to the receiver. This addresses large-scale data center network topologies, which demand extreme bandwidth on 800G physical-layer interconnect components, including backplanes, line cards, Ethernet cables, and connectors.

DDR5 memory validation

  • Simulation and DDR5 test: Bringing to light new measurement science ensuring DDR5 compliance on a simulated waveform for rapid repeatable testing and a data repository for rapid results analysis and decision making.

Keysight’s technology experts are hosting several workshops, panels and communications where attendees will learn about the main topics and challenges associated with digital design.

PCI-SIG®, PCIe® and PCI Express® are US registered trademarks and/or service marks of PCI-SIG.

About Keysight Technologies

Keysight provides advanced design and validation solutions that help accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s commitment to speed and accuracy extends to software insights and analytics that bring tomorrow’s technology products to market faster throughout the development lifecycle, in design simulation, validation prototypes, automated software testing, manufacturing analysis, and network performance optimization and visibility in enterprise, service provider, and cloud environments. Our customers span global markets in communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductors and general electronics. Keysight generated $4.9 billion in revenue in fiscal 2021. For more information about Keysight Technologies (NYSE: KEYS), visit us at


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