Israel gives green light to new ‘smart’ traffic planning software


Yaakobi says the new traffic planning system will “save the country time and money”

A committee of the Israeli Ministry of Transport has given the green light to the use of a new “intelligent” planning system to optimize traffic, and the software is set to be implemented in Tel Aviv and for the light rail in Jerusalem .

The new system, known as LISA, uses the data to assess and optimize traffic flows.

LISA, which was created by the German company Schlothauer and Wauer, is used in North America and is also widely implemented on the streets around the world.

YSB Yaakobi Brothers Group, which runs the Israeli subsidiary of Schlothauer and Wauer, hailed the move as a step towards “intelligent and innovative transportation”, according to The post of Jerusalem (The post office).

“We are very pleased with the approval of the LISA software by the Ministry of Transport and the fact that we can bring innovative and revolutionary technologies to Israel that will change the transport system in Israel for residents,” said Pini Yaakobi, owner of the YSB Yaakobi Brothers Group.

The decision to implement LISA “will save the country time and money and lead to a significant improvement in the well-being of residents”, he added. The post office reported.

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“We know there is a lot of interest in the software and other traffic authorities are waiting for its approval to promote major urban and interurban transportation projects.”


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