How can Lumion 12 help bring your architectural designs to life?


Now is the time for you to use Lumion to bring your architectural designs to life. It is the preeminent 3D rendering software on the market, and the new version of Light 12 will allow you to create stunning images and videos for your projects

Light 12 has been widely used in industry thanks to its versatility. It is compatible with most CAD modeling software on the market, including Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc. The latest product that has been linked to Lumion is Autodesk FormIt, and this should be a boost for those looking to create visualizations for their first design work.

Lumion can be used at any stage of the design process and therefore is the perfect way to ensure your project is on track by eliminating any potential issues. Remarkably fast rendering speeds mean that all you have to do is sync your model through the LiveSync plugin, and then you can effectively test out any new ideas you have.

Effect of volumetric spotlights inside the living room area of ​​a modern property with large windows letting in the nightlight, wooden floors

This stunning new effect means you can illuminate your designs with visible beams of light, which will be a great help when trying to capture the desired atmosphere of your project. This should prove especially useful for projects that involve indoor lighting, lighted swimming pools, car headlights, as well as street lights such as streetlights.

Color temperature of light (Kalvin)

This is an incredibly cool addition to the Lumion toolset, as users can now adjust their lighting according to the Kalvin scale, which is used to measure the color temperature of light. Whether applied to exterior or interior design work, you will be able to create the perfect ambiance for your project.

Surface stickers

The Lumion team has gone above and beyond to ensure users can create truly realistic visualizations, as they have developed a wide range of surface decals, which are the imperfections that make walls and surfaces look realistic. These effects, which include water stains, exposed brickwork, and paint marks, will ensure your images and videos look vibrant. When using Lumion, you’ll be able to populate your scenes with the vast content library, which contains all the objects and materials you might need.

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