Delta plans to deliver three large battery units

  • By Angelica Oung / Journalist

Delta Electronics Inc (台 達 電) plans to provide three shipping container-sized energy storage systems to customers wishing to participate in Taiwan Power Co’s new energy exchange platform (Taipower , 台電), the country’s leading provider of energy management solutions said yesterday.

The platform, which debuted earlier this year, is intended to allow private owners of electrical equipment, such as generators or energy storage units, to sell their energy resources to Taipower, giving the electricity company more flexibility and the national grid more stability.

Delta is looking for business opportunities in the rapidly growing energy storage market, said Delta Senior Manager Paul Ai (艾祖華).

Photo: Fang Wei-chieh, Taipei Times

“Delta is a vertically integrated provider of energy storage solutions, from design to software,” said Ai. “Our solutions ensure stable power and can start delivering electricity on demand in 0.2 seconds, depending on grid needs.

Ai said Delta’s container-sized battery solution is the first such unit to meet Taipower’s requirements and specifications.

The three container-sized 7.5-megawatt (MW) battery units are tested before being shipped to customers, Ai said.

The batteries would help streamline Taipower’s supply and help operators generate revenue, Ai said, adding that Delta’s own 5MW installation in Taoyuan earns “up to NT $ 100,000 per day” from the Taipower platform.

Delta President and COO Simon Chang (張 訓 海) said a trend towards decarbonization of power generation will lead to “explosive” growth in the electricity storage market.

“The risk of a global energy crisis and the increased pressure for decarbonization is boosting the market for energy storage systems,” Chang said. “We anticipate very strong demand over the next five years, both nationally and globally. “

Delta is in talks with as many as 50 entities interested in its energy storage system, Chang said.

The company said it would fill 20 MW of orders before the end of the year, 200 MW next year and 1 gigawatt over the next five years.

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