Consolidated loan for self-employed – Apply for loans as self-employed


Would you like to borrow money as a self-employed person? There is a lot of difference about whether you do it in private or business context. In this article, the focus is on self-employed people who want to borrow money in private.

Here you have a starting point as many others, the only difference is that your job function is independent, rather than employees or functions. Look at the possibilities of applying for consolidated loans as independent here.

Your job must be stated during the application

Are you not quite sure how to apply for consolidated loans as a self-employed person, compared to normal Danish employees? There are very few differences and those that are, can be found under “Employment Conditions” in the consolidated loan application.

Here you just enter “Self-employed” as a job function and fill in your company under “Employer”. It is not harder and more difficult. You should expect that the lender will check up on your company to assess it. Partly how old it is and what it offers of services / products. It’s not safe, but we will assume. The bank will do the same.

In the picture you can see how “Employment conditions” usually look at the consolidated loan providers:

Quick consolidated loans for the unemployed

What is essential and crucial is what your annual income is. The more you earn, the more chance you have of being approved and offered a low interest rate.

There may be special conditions for traders, as you do not always choose to pay the entire income as a salary. One can eg. Choose to keep a large part of the money in the company. However, providers will have the opportunity to check your company’s earnings and profits so that they have an idea of ​​your economic starting point.

Consolidated loans as self-employed – for the company

If you are looking for consolidated loans as self-employed for the company, your focus should be on other options. Start by interrogating the bank or exploring the possibilities online.

You can of course always compare the interest rates from what you can achieve by searching the “normal” consolidated loan companies online. If there is a marked difference in interest rates, it can also be a solution to deposit the money privately.

There are many options, but the above two are good alternatives when it is initial capital or a business consolidated loan you are demanding.