AM Technical Solutions plans to use “EQI” in new installation commission


The company has been selected to provide commissioning, qualification and verification services for the new biotech facility and plans to use its proven approach to early quality integration

AM Technical Solutions has been chosen for a new CQV (Commissioning Qualification Verification) project for a leading biotechnology company developing gene therapies for patients with rare diseases.

The biotech company is looking to expand its capabilities by launching a new life science facility that will support advanced research.

AM was awarded a significant project scope for start-up, commissioning and qualification of the company’s facilities, utilities and fixed process equipment to facilitate fit-up and start-up.

Project scope for CQV

The scope of this project is to provide the biotechnology company with a technical team of qualified personnel to plan, direct and execute the start-up, commissioning and qualification of the following key systems in the new facility:

  • MEP Systems – Non-hygienic
  • MEP Systems – Hygienic
  • Pure Clean autoclave and steam generator
  • Cold rooms)

The AM team will use several advanced life science methods and tools to safely complete the project on time and within budget.

To achieve this objective, the company will be ready to call on a turnkey team for the implementation or to complete the client’s team throughout the project. Through a collaborative approach, AM is confident that its team will deliver the right solution at every phase of the project so that we stay focused on project success.

Using Early Quality Integration (EQI)

Specific to providing start-up and CQV services, AM will use its proven approach to EQI. This approach brings a superior method to the design-build-qualify process by ensuring a First Time Right approach at every stage.

EQI begins by integrating the elements of the start-up, commissioning and qualification program early in the engineering life cycle. This ensures success by delivering on time with the right functionality and inherent quality, which translates into lower costs.

We look forward to implementing our EQI approach to deliver all aspects of our client’s projects.

The EQI approach requires a comprehensive and practical understanding of the start-up and operation of life science facilities and processes. We have in-depth knowledge of quality controls, regulations and processes that inform built-in requirements for all phases of the lifecycle, which drives project effectiveness and efficiency.

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“We look forward to implementing our EQI approach to deliver all aspects of our client’s projects,” said Brian Williams, SVP for AM Life Science. “We have the ideal experience, approach and expertise to provide our client with a world-class facility. Our team is committed to meeting our clients’ needs for advanced research capabilities that will allow them to continue their life-changing work.”



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