Advisor360°’s Latest Platform Upgrades Ease the Financial Planning Process


WESTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advisor360°, an integrated technology software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for the wealth management industry, has rolled out several platform upgrades to improve the financial planning process and engagement between financial advisors and their clients. The enhancements cover a range of features, including goals, proposals, model management and rebalancing, dependent workflows, and documents.

“We are relentlessly committed to helping advisors grow through innovations that deepen client relationships, facilitate collaboration and improve the financial planning process,” said Suzanne Bohs, vice president of product at Advisor360°. . “Our most recent enhancements address one of the greatest challenges for financial advisors – obtaining complete client information, which impacts the entire planning process, including making investment decisions and portfolio recommendations.”

Objectives and proposals

Latest enhancements to Advisor360°’s goal and proposal capabilities enable financial advisors to quickly and efficiently develop specific investment proposals in the context of a client’s financial plan or as a stand-alone investment proposal .

Advisors can now onboard family members – who were previously not logged into a household account – so that all household information, assets and liabilities can be updated, synced and aggregated.

The enhanced functionality means advisors can enter more detail about specific client goals based on timing and cost, as well as configure various assumptions that impact retirement planning and goal setting, such as than inflation rates. Advisors can also build investment strategies directly in the new workflow and leverage more robust charting capabilities. Proposals can be easily generated and shared with clients on screen or as a PDF.

Model management and rebalancing

Enhancements to pattern management and rebalancing allow advisors to manage trading strategies more effectively and efficiently. Advisors can now create and configure new investment models, rebalance any or all accounts or households in a model based on investor tolerance or target allocation, and monitor the details of any particular investment model in a central location.

Advisors can also view investment patterns in client accounts and within the client’s household as a snapshot or with detailed account and transaction information that can be configured to meet specific trading needs .

Dependent Workflows

Advisor360°’s workflow functionality has enhanced drag-and-drop capabilities that allow advisors to organize complex sequential activities into repeatable workflows that can be easily assigned to others, without diminishing quality experiences constant that they offer to their customers.

Users can configure a task sequence so that the start of a task depends on the completion of a previous one, which is important when the order of completed tasks is crucial to the outcome of a project.

Improved task dependency also reduces the need for training and monitoring of back-office personnel: the system enforces the order of events so that tasks are executed in the expected order, regardless of who is assigned to them.


The company updated its document management system for a smoother user experience when navigating folder structures and searching for documents. The upgrades make it easier for investors to securely upload and share documents with their advisor and give the advisor more control over folder structure and management.

“We continue to deepen the capabilities of our award-winning platform so advisors and their clients can stay connected through an exceptionally integrated digital wealth management experience,” Bohs said. “With less time spent collecting, organizing and entering data for financial plans and proposals, advisors have more time to manage investments, advise existing clients and source new ones.”

Advisor360° recently received a 2022 Wealth Management Industry Award from for outstanding achievement in unified (all-in-one) systems by technology vendors for deploying digital integration.

About Advisor360°

Based in Weston, MA, Advisor360° develops and integrates technology for wealth management companies. The company’s award-winning integrated and open architecture SaaS platform delivers a connected digital wealth experience to financial advisors, their clients, and corporate headquarters, so businesses can achieve better results and innovate quickly, which is translates into increased growth and deeper relationships. Advisor360° customers benefit from time-saving capabilities and streamlined workflows in portfolio and performance reporting, financial planning, insurance, proposal generation, trading and model management, digital onboarding, document management, analytics and compliance. The company’s proprietary Unified Data Fabric™ (UDF) is the foundation of its platform, weaving together shared services and prebuilt integrations that work with existing technology stacks.

Today, three million households with $1 trillion in assets benefit from the Advisor360° connected experience. To learn more, visit


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