Advice and technical solutions for health products


velixX provides technical advice and solutions to medical device designers and manufacturers to accelerate product development.

The company finds new solutions for complex problems that cannot be solved with traditional approaches for faster time to market. Its effective and efficient team has a broad understanding of health products and the various technical, organizational and economic aspects of production.

Technical support for the development of medical devices

velixX enlists experts in medical device development to offer personalized consultation, assessment of feasibility and market potential, technical support for specific complex problems, industrialization of prototypes into large-scale products and development full range of disposable products and subsystems for medical applications.

The company has over 25 years of research experience in medical device technology and has executed many successful projects for large and small customers.

velixX’s skilled project managers include some of the most renowned senior consultants and retired specialists from high-tech research institutes.

With a wealth of resources available, the company selects optimal and cost-effective solutions to support either a specific aspect of product development or the entire process.

Custom feasibility assessments for new medical device products

velixX discusses project feasibilities, costs and requirements to help find a custom solution to meet client goals. A project team is established and tailored to the specific needs of the project, which includes experts in industrial design, technical disciplines, quality management, regulatory affairs and manufacturing.

Project execution is fully managed by velixX so clients have a single point of contact.

Consulting services for the development of health products

velixX offers consulting services throughout the development process, including feasibility studies, technical due diligences and research.

Using the combined expertise of velixX and its network, the company answers customers’ most pressing questions to ensure an optimized product development process.

Technical support for product development issues

velixX finds solutions to technical challenges in product development to help customers continue production as soon as possible, which avoids time-to-market delays.

The company experiences a range of technical issues and evaluates the issues to find an effective and innovative solution.

Development and industrialization of disposable parts

velixX helps ensure that the medical device development process is organized and managed efficiently through its part design service.

The parts have applications in biological, medicinal and chemical devices, while being scalable in production. They are designed for usability and performance.

About velixX

After 20 years of hands-on experience in medical device product development at Roche Diagnostics, Manfred Augstein founded velixX in 2010. He used his experiences with product development companies, identifying the need for a decentralized approach to consulting in product development that involves only the necessary resources. .

Today, velixX has concluded more than 20 successful projects for start-ups and enterprise groups, accelerating or shortening product development.


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